WELCOME #BreakTheAgenda

Political Ravings is not just my voice.  It’s the voice of everyone who questions the canned, often biased, summary reporting that now passes for journalism.  This is the place for people who really want to know what’s going on- people who want to evaluate the issues based on more than a meme, a poll, a soundbite, or a headline.  Do I hold myself out as an expert?  No.  I am passionate about politics and our country.  We are all disappointed by the current political climate. But, it’s not enough to be disappointed or disillusioned- now, more than ever, it is critical that We The People get involved and step in.  The loudest voices are not the rightest.  (Well, maybe they are if you like a pun.)

There are people telling us what to think right and left.  Literally, right and left.  That seems to be the only two ways of thinking.  Rightwing, religious, Republican or Left-leaning, socialist, liberal Democrat.  What if you don’t fall into those batches?  What if you agree with one candidate about a few issues, but not on others, and think another candidate on the other side of the ring has the right idea on some issues?  Where do you go?  Where do you go to get unbiased information that does not serve a particular agenda?    Must you vow to deport Muslims and ban gay marriage because you favor conservative fiscal policies?  If you look at the Republican presidential candidates, it would appear to be the case.  No room for grey.  The Agenda, the Party Line, is a mantra, and if you stray from that mantra, the rest of the group will viciously pounce on you like the hamster in my middle school classroom that ate her young, leaving only their heads to serve as a reminder to others who step out of line, and traumatizing me for life, but that’s another story for another time.

The Democrats have their agenda, as well.  Don’t even think of suggesting that our capitalist market holds the key to economic well-being, or that corporations should maybe not be taxed and regulated all the way to China.  (Who else doesn’t see the irony- U.S. companies leaving the home of the free because they can flourish in communist China?)  With little exception, the leading source of news for most people, television, operates well in line with these two defined agendas.  Turn on Fox News, and you will generally be given the perspective from the right;  CNN the left.  Sure, they have their talk shows meant to foster “debate”, but those debates seem intended simply to provide another forum for the host to support their agendas.  Turn on network news, and they will tell you all you need to know about a complex international issue with far-reaching worldwide consequences in a 1 minute 39 second piece. There are certainly some excellent news sources out there- I personally love The Huffington Post for their prolific and in-depth reporting.

I am going to share my opinions, ask questions, and continue to learn.  Whether it’s within our smaller communities, our country, or our place in the world, there are many issues that need to be talked about- because they need solutions, not slogans.  So Speak Up, Break The Agenda, and let’s talk about it and learn.  Let’s ask questions- I will try to get the answers from our politicians and from within our community.  What’s important is they see we are asking the questions.  Thanks for reading, and I look forward to your contributions.


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