American Terrorist-Why Don’t you Know About This?

Take a look at this Justice Department release- regarding a 21-year old Kansas resident named John T. Booker, who was in the process of enlisting in the U.S. army to support ISIS with an attack from the inside.  His plan to detonate a bomb at an Army post was thwarted, and a terrorist attack averted.  Right here in the U.S.  An American. A Muslim.

Why did most media outlets not report on this story?  I couldn’t find it on the Fox News website.  It was reported on CNN and CBS, but not given “front page” status.  I found it on page 7 of the Los Angeles Times, a 3-paragraph tidbit under “National Briefing”.  It was not reported because the story does not fit the media and political agenda- had Booker been an immigrant, there would have been something to wave flags and rant about.  Keep the Muslims out.  Now it’s about freedom of religion (and potentially mental health) and no-one wants to touch on those issues.

Does the very topic-  U.S. citizens supporting ISIS out of faith in Islam- hold a key to dealing with the problem?  Does this support the need for DeJihadification of Islam, as described in my earlier post?  Can or should the United States participate in the censorship of religion?  Incitement to violence is an exception to the rights of the First Amendment.  Censorship goes against everything we stand for, and government censorship of the Quran would be a tough sell.  So what can we do?  Can we put a terrorist tax on the Quran and any other books that advocate violence?  Can we pressure religious leaders in conjunction with publishers to only sell the Quran in the U.S.  with an annotated or amended version outlawing its illegal provisions calling Muslims to jihad?  This article is not intended to be controversial, but is intended to be thought provoking.  What are your ideas?  Please don’t let the party or media agenda stop us from protecting our country and working on solutions rather than useless rhetoric or hateful grandstanding. #SpeakUp